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Address:The waihuan Xu Gulou Tai’an City south industrial park in shandong province

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To be the product of the shandong frame has arrived!
Come and look at! Shandong ju can tweet listed!
Giant construction machinery: evening homework use electri
Giant construction machinery: hanging basket is the most c
Tai’an City giant construction machinery co., LTD., to pr
Electric basket how to deal with the problems in the suspe
Electric basket cleaning high glass note have?
The stress of the fully automatic electric basket chain ch
Electric basket when using safety protection consciousness
Electric basket is used to connect for adhesion structure 
Electric basket is dedicated to the exterior wall of high-
Safety lock in the electric wire rope hoists using automat
Beijing urban construction group
Evergrande real estate group
The smoke building group international company
China construction eighth construction bureau
Sinopec, the tenth construction company
China railway construction group co., LTD

Some grain in shandong

To be the three or four years of cooperation, with giant mechanical performance is very stable. After sales service……


Maintenance cleaning walls project staff

Work in the maintenance cleaning walls for many years, is some knowledge on electric basket.....


A company building exterior wall construction Eva ...

anging basket ju can make us feel the use of steel, steel wire rope accessories, are all meet the national……

Hebei a food storage and transportation station

Shandong ju can machine design is reasonable, the operation simple, practical, and I buy the two company for 14 years,……
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  Can Tai’an City giant construction machinery co., LTD
        Can Tai’an City giant construction machinery co., LTD., founded in 2010, is China construction machinery association member units, ISO9001 quality management system certification enterprises, the Chinese insurer quality liability insurance unit. Company's main business for the container turnover, high work hanging basket, hydraulic unloading platform of professional research and development, production, sales and technical services. Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, scientific and technological innovation, cooperation and win-win" business philosophy, after years of development by leaps and bounds, annual sales reached more than 8000 ten thousand yuan. Our company independent research and development production of FZJSS - 30 type container , ......【The detailed information 】  

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