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Electric basket is dedicated to the exterior wall of high-rise building construction equipment

Electric basket before use safety inspection failed to do, did not timely check out to threaten the safety accidents. Construction of the maintenance and inspection of electric basket is every time before construction, we must do some contractor if too lazy to inspect, electric basket in use after a period of time, very prone to rust and wire rope wear parts. Will not be handled in time, in the process of construction, brings to the construction personnel safety hidden trouble.

The operation of the electric basket and construction personnel safety consciousness. Construction personnel is not in accordance with the specification, commit suicide by hanging basket body or play in the hanging basket and beating, not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seatbelt, and so on, are all electric basket in construction process are prone to security the cause of the accident. So, must strengthen to the operation of the electric basket and construction personnel training and examination, only obtain the relevant qualification personnel to operate the hanging basket and construction in the basket.

Electric basket is dedicated to the exterior wall of high-rise building construction equipment. So also makes it easy to cause safety accidents in the process of operation of the nature of the work. We want to avoid electric basket in operating and using the above security accident, must first understand the main reason of these accidents, in order to better play the role of remind and prevention.

Electric hanging basket scaffold erection and removal of engineering not in accordance with the provisions. Generally in the construction site, contractor is attaches great importance to the construction progress, often ignored to electric basket on the inspection and control construction safety and construction specifications. Some construction personnel with their own experience to operate electric basket, makes it considerable hidden trouble in operation, and even cause casualties accident.

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