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Electric basket is used to connect for adhesion structure and frame structure for the elliptical hole

Electric basket as an aid in the construction of an advanced technology, and accepted by more and more construction enterprises, and adopted in the construction engineering. Especially in recent years, the rapid economic development of our country, more and more high-rise building structure, tall, fast electric basket to get promotion. A few short years, electric basket is from several development to now, more than 50 and lifting scaffolding specifications, style, to promote way also become diversified. But how to improve the safety of lifting scaffold has become the primary problem whether can continue to develop. After experience, the current electric basket structure has to finalize the design, the main body frame by frame, attachment structure, lifting equipment, parts for equipment, etc.

Electric basket of lifting equipment: market mainly include electric chain hoist, hydraulic lifting equipment and hoist, early use machinery to replace manual TAB chain hoist, improving the construction efficiency. Less for possible problems in the process of lifting, lifting scaffolding unit for lifting equipment configuration synchronization controller, overload alarm.

Electric basket frame structure: the shape of welding section of composite structure, strengthens the rigidity structure design, also meet the requirements of the ease of installation, transportation and storage, and support at the bottom of the truss is designed at the bottom of the frame body.

Attached structure: USES the welding structure with good rigidity, enlarging the design of the bar section, improve the design safety degree, and USES the high strength through walls bolts connected to the building structure, electric basket is used to connect for adhesion structure and frame structure for elliptical hole, the measure such as fixed position can be adjusted up and down, convenient installation disassembly operations.

Electric basket for: the ministry of construction requirements must be set for device, used in the engineering of all kinds of adhesive lifting scaffolding basically all added for device. According to the use of mechanical braking principle and structure, has appeared various for device generally can reach the requirements, to stop in time to meet the design requirements.

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