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Electric basket when using safety protection consciousness must be in place
When we use the electric basket in, must pay attention to grasp certain ego to protect consciousness and protective consciousness, so that when we encounter emergencies will have certain response, rather than at sea. Electric basket ultra limit, limit, baffle, safety lock must complete effective and satisfied requirements of each function. Wind more than six of the sky, rain, fog and other bad, it is forbidden to hanging basket into lessons.

Construction workers must be in and out of the basket on the ground, it is strictly prohibited in the air in and out of the basket. The diameter of the wire rope, the rope card number, distance, direction, in strict accordance with the relevant requirements on the package insert, prohibit the use of wire rope hoists in electric welding machine of the ground wire is used. Hanging basket to manipulate staff must through the training of qualified rear mount guard, hanging basket must according to the controlling procedures exactly controlling by designated persons. Safety lock required for testing qualified before installation, and necessary to ensure complete safety lock, effective and quick. High homework staff must accurately in accordance with the requirements to wear safety protective equipment; There are high assignment contraindications to staff are strictly prohibited to engage in high.

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