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Giant construction machinery: evening homework use electric basket should pay attention to?

Many construction projects in order to catch time limit for a project, also need to continue to work in the evening, at night, use of construction equipment, especially high homework to be especially careful when using electric basket:

1, the top of the building or structure supporting hanging mechanism of bearing strength is not less than 1500 kilograms per square meter. Such as electric basket hanging mechanism by the top of the embedded parts, under embedded parts safety factor shall not be less than 3.

2, provide electric basket operation in power must be 380 v, three-phase five wire grounding power supply. From the high tension line 10 m within the scope of electric basket is strictly prohibited. Electric basket into operating range shall remove all outstanding or obstacles, fixed protrusion or corner should be set clear warning signs, do not open to open the window during the construction.

3, night construction, the construction site should have sufficient lighting, should do well in homework personnel, safety devices, electrical box, and steel wire rope, rope life moistureproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion protection measures, etc.

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