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Company headquarters phone/fax:0538-8585126
National telephone:400-0538-299
Sales calls:18705485166

Address:The waihuan Xu Gulou Tai’an City south industrial park in shandong province


   Can Tai’an City giant construction machinery co., LTD., founded in 2010, is the shandong province earlier collection of building electric basket specialized research and development, production, sales, leasing, technical services in one of the larger enterprises. Company is located in the five mountains at the foot of mount tai, mount tai in the north, the surrounding adjacent to 104 national road, the beijing-shanghai high-speed, high-speed's traffic arteries, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, the geographical position is extremely superior. Company production department, sales department, technology department, qc department, finance department, leasing department, after-sales service department, the department of transportation and other 10 departments, existing staff 160 people, including professional and technical title personnel 15 people, 5 national certified associate constructor; Existing electric basket workshop production and processing workshop 6000 square meters, all kinds of 40 sets of machining equipment hoisting machine 1 set of experimental equipment, the safety lock 1 set of experimental equipment. Company strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, complete quality testing equipment, annual production more than 10000 electric basket, export countries such as India and Algeria. By hanging basket in December 2014, the total sales of more than 50000 sets, and continuing to keep "zero" accident, "xin ju can" has become the Chinese and foreign customers' mind the security and trusted brand of hanging basket.

Enterprise spirit: people-oriented, innovation, efficiency, excellence

Management aim: to build first-class machinery, building a harmonious society

Corporate values: virtue, wisdom of the world

Management concept: love is only a heart, just just just just know have eyes Choose to DE, seeks the brain can have, relief of bile capacity is the amount, is intelligent, yucai application, set to strong

Advertising slogan: can choose giant, to achieve a win-win situation


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