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The stress of the fully automatic electric basket chain change processing method

Automatic electric basket operation after work to do all the cleaning, sorting, after inspection, protection, maintenance and other aspects have been processed in the end out of work.

1, using fully automatic electric basket at the end of the work to check all the hanging basket, wire rope, hanging institutions such as equipment cleaning problem.

2, automatic electric power facilities of hanging basket equipment must be waterproof, moistureproof, lest appear next time when use the occurrence of the phenomenon such as short circuit.

3, automatic electric safety rope on the hanging basket of self-locking hook should be in the spring after each use and rust-proof oil, the next time when using flexible to use.

4, when the work finished wire rope strapped up, the cable tray is good, fully automatic electric basket should also be dismantled and centralized place, keep good. In dry place, away from mildew, corrosion, etc.

5, reducer, transmission device for the first time use after three months must be in a lubricating oil, followed by a month plus oil at a time. Six months in a lubricating oil.

6, in the rain and windy day fully automatic electric basket for aerial work is strictly prohibited.

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