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Risk aversion and purchasing baskets must read

The work high above the hanging basket is a kind of aerial work equipment, decorate by the quality of the product is directly related to the service life of the hanging basket and people's life. When customers are buying hanging basket of their lawful rights and interests how to secure? (especially for the first time to buy) how to choose a real and assured products? Different manufacturers, the same type of hanging basket price why so big difference? How much the price for the most suitable price? Why some customers just bought new basket site supervision is to not let use, a curtain wall company make expert argumentation, some 800 new basket was also refused to use. Demanded by the masses of users, to go public with such a problem, only for reference.

A, the price difference. Although it is the same type of hanging basket, because manufacturers to choose the materials and configuration is different, so the price also differs very far, generally differ 1000 yuan - 3000 yuan, usually in the following aspects.

1, elevator hanging basket hoisting machine is the core component of hanging basket, selects the original elevator and branded hoist the price of each have to differ 500 yuan or so.

Second, the formal company documents. Hanging basket manufacturer should have the formal documents: shandong provincial level for the record (most important), the shandong province of hanging basket test report (important), the hanging basket safety lock separate inspection report (important) qualification, production, leasing, 9000 certification of qualification, product liability insurance, business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, etc. The basic each manufacturer can registered business license (simple) but also to see whether the registered capital. Such manufacturer produces electric basket is a quality assurance, hanging basket is known to all that belongs to the work high above the product, there is a certain risk, hanging basket's safety accident once in binzhou, zibo, jining, etc have appeared, normal manufacturer of hanging basket if there is an accident, procedure of the first is no problem, the insurance company should bear the brunt of the,


Informal documents: each hanging basket company will tell customers have formal procedures, there are about 6 to 8 (shandong province hanging basket formal production companies) but the normal procedure is first to see your company's certificate or improve factory house certificate, now a lot of hanging basket manufacturer are upgrade factory certificate, insurance and hoist, hanging basket is not an accident for good, one thousand accident, because there is no relevant formalities hanging basket manufacturer and product liability insurance, would shuffle avoid responsibility, and lift the manufacturer will not assume corresponding responsibility, eventually take losses only customers themselves.

Hanging basket the cause of the accident: 1 suspension lead fracture 2 wire rope fracture 3 safety lock didn't work 4 elevator slippery rope 5 human responsibility. So the hanging basket accident is not only the responsibility of the hoist. Because reflected on certificate of manufacturer is sales promotion vendors would not the hanging basket manufacturer, so the elevator manufacturer will not assume responsibility, but sales of the hanging basket manufacturer and there is no formal procedure, the insurance will not take effect, can appear hoist producers, sellers and hanging basket basket buyer tripartite stalling phenomenon, hanging basket manufacturer can completely new registered company and sell other brands of hanging basket, the final responsibility or hanging basket of buyer, so please see carefully when buying basket hanging basket certificates, and the hanging basket manufacturer is required to provide the original reference.

The repair and maintenance of high work hanging basket

One, the suspension platform and hoist

1, the joining together of suspension platform length shall not exceed the length of the product specification and the related department regulations.

2, each component connection pin, bolts should be tightened, complete and reliable. Welds shall not have to take off the welding and welding.

3 speed limit, limit, limit load protection, complete protection device should be in good condition.

4, elevator should be without overheating, the phenomenon such as sound.

5, a day after use, should shut off the power switch, lock the distribution box. To do well in open air rainproof measures, to avoid the rain into the elevator, safety lock, distribution box.

6. the surface dirt, keep clear of in time. Avoid into and out of rope mouth into a clutter and damage parts in the machine.

7, according to the product specification requirements change in time, charging of lubricant.

8, homework must be empty before. Found abnormal operation, should looking for technicians to repair in time.

9, installation, transportation and use should be avoided in the process of collision.

Second, the safety lock

1, the safety lock should be flexible, reliable lock rope, wire rope shall be removed in a timely manner on the glue, oil, mortar and sundry, avoid into the safety lock to reduce safety performance.

2, the malfunction of the safety lock should have professional maintenance personnel. Shall not tear open outfit, repair itself.

3, it is forbidden to artificially open handle and disable it.

4, when the safety rope in a tight state, shall not be hard pull (open handle.

5, when used in normal safety lock brake is strictly prohibited.

6, a day after use, should be suspended platform fell to the ground, relaxed working steel wire rope, the safety lock swing arm in a state of relaxation.

7, before each use according to the provisions of lock rope inspection, inspection qualified rear can use.

8, achieve calibration period specified safety lock, manufacturer shall promptly send for inspection and calibration.

3, electric control box

1, motor start frequency shall not be greater than 6 times/min, the continuous working time should be less than 30 min.

2, cable suspension length is more than 100 meters, the cable tensile protection measures should be taken.

3, regularly check the electrical plugs, should be no loose, otherwise should be tighten.

4, and should be shut off the power after use, lock the electrical box, avoid into the rain.

5, electrical boxes, limit switch, cable should avoid external shocks.

Four, steel wire rope

1, you must use the hanging basket regulation models of steel wire rope, it is forbidden to use other model instead of wire rope.

2, heavy hammer is configured correctly.

3, it is forbidden to connect using wire rope. If found oil, steel wire rope with period of stock, please timely cleaning and replacement.

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