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Corporate philosophy: with DE, with benefit, fellow, concentric

With DE is fundamental, and is the foundation, fellow is condition, concentric is ideal.

Organization must have the core, the team have the resultant force, concept and behavior to be consistent.

Leaders set an example for employees to share rights and organization and coordination, improve the strength of the teams and individuals;

Scratched subordinates to motivate and authorization, the spirit of the match;

With common goals and build trust and promote cooperation and security cooperation.

Enterprise spirit: strive and struggle

Hard work is to be an eternal theme

Hard work is the subject of the giant to entrepreneurship

Strive upward is huge to the theme of development

Quality concept: let the hanging basket to become a classic, classic achievement brand

Giant hanging basket display wisdom, with quality management

With huge achievement can hanging basket industry brand, with industry to be the brand brand achievement

Business philosophy: to win more out of balance, balance in the future

Giant to pursue more win and the competitiveness of unity within

The giant can pay attention to and combining the principal position of the user

Service concept: a mix of heart, the letter of the service people

"Heart" is "love" and "letter" is a "business", into the heart of the service to foster emotional gravity, giant to establish mutual trust depending on the platform for the realization of the foundation of business cooperation. Follow in service on the basis of with the oneself first after work and is committed to the principle of details to win, perfect trust, take DE realm.

Good faith idea: by making and honoring promises that just obey the law

DE words first, giant can stick to "liang" is the premise of communication principles, "DE" is the thought, "xing" is a behavior, broken without virtue, without interest loss, dexing in zhengde, thick rises, and with a positive, good for him, good strength, good for the science of uniting the jianghai of mind, good for understanding the giant to evergreen road.

Team concept: from the trust, the trust
Giant can companies have energy team spirit as the core of enterprise development, the company believed in the power of example, to make good image managers at all levels become extremely charismatic leader power, so as to effectively promote enterprise system implementation and execution. Advocate ju can happy in every day's work and emphasizes the system and the concept of harmonious and unified.

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