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    Customized suspended baskets for wind power plants: Manager Xue:156-6444-8555
    Conventional external wall construction hanging basket: Manager Zhao:186-6082-0790
    Address:Zhuyang Town Industrial Park, Daiyue district, Tai'an City

Come and look at! Shandong ju can tweet listed!

Come and look at!

Hot galvanizing hanging basket not twisted rope, not 11000, 9500, don't buy now only 8300 yuan/units. Welcome new and old customers to buy quick, 500 large only.

Looking forward to the cooperation with you

Website: http://www.sdjndl.cn

Service hotline: 18660820790 Hou Yulin folded up

Come and look at! Shandong ju can tweet listed! Come and look at! Shandong ju can tweet listed!


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Sales Department:156-6444-8555 186-6082-0790 address: Zhu Yang Zhen Wu Jia Zhuang Cun Nan, Daiyue district, Tai'an City, Shandong Province

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