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    Customized suspended baskets for wind power plants: Manager Xue:156-6444-8555
    Conventional external wall construction hanging basket: Manager Zhao:186-6082-0790
    Address:Zhuyang Town Industrial Park, Daiyue district, Tai'an City

To be the product of the shandong frame has arrived!

To be the product of the shandong frame: build directly on the concrete pouring easy hanging on the wall, the daughter of institutions

Features: 1. The use of simple and safe

2. Remove the convenient and quick

3. There is no counter weight, solve the counter weight moving up and down link, without tedious square tube bolt links, save time, save work, effort, hanging basket industry to be bestowed favor on newly.

For details, please call: 18660820790 hou manager

18354880009 xue manager

Look forward to your hotline

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