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Electric basket how to deal with the problems in the suspension platform?

Electric basket is now widely used in the construction industry, how to deal with the problems in the suspension platform, has become a high work hanging basket this the prime problem of the work efficiency. So today gw machinery professional and technical personnel to do detailed introduction:

The heights of the site work hanging basket work platform most is 2 mm thin wall pipe welding and become, high work hanging basket this structure quality is reliable, but we still have to pay attention to some things, to ensure high work hanging basket of ultra high performance:

1. The wall is too thin, the portfolio platform can't tighten the bolt of the square tube connection, although some high work hanging basket with a large diameter flat mat, but considering the operating personnel's technical problems, so this kind of method, be sure to pay special attention to.

2. High work hanging basket bottom part of the connection, wearing bolt is convenient to install, use the long holes.

3, work hanging basket safety lock is high altitude, must be used when working and operation platform of hanging basket hanging on high added a root and hoisting mechanism with the safety of the same type of wire rope, each safety rope must have a safety lock cannot be automatically reset. Safety lock provides the security for the whole project operation, believe that with the continuous development of high work hanging basket scientific research technology, the performance of the safety lock will also continue to improve.

4, electric basket completes the suspension platform, and electric wire rope hanging basket cleaning job

Electric basket basket is not subject to control in the process of lifting, should immediately press the emergency stop switch on the door is power. And then switch to cut off the power box, check whether the contactor contact problems, if it is able to resolve to timely to deal with these problems. By the maintenance personnel maintenance, if can't solve, as soon as possible to electric basket basket fell to the ground, construction personnel left in the basket.

Work steel wire rope fracture occurs, should immediately stop, and use the method of safety evacuation in the hanging basket construction personnel, and then inform the professional maintenance personnel for repair; When work card inside the elevator wire rope, should immediately stop, and safety evacuation in the hanging basket construction personnel. And then inform the professional maintenance personnel for repair. Electric basket completes the related security measures, and then inspect the elevator, take out the card in the elevator wire rope, then the elevator to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.

Electric basket completes the suspension platform, and electric wire rope hanging basket of cleaning, clean up debris, coating and adhesive mortar surface impurities. In order to maintain the performance of the hanging basket to prolong its service life. Electric basket about the safety of the operator's life, so no matter any circumstances should keep protective measures and maintenance of electric basket. Temporarily do not use electric basket should be put in dry drafty, erosion neutral power stations. Electric basket storage life beyond a year later, demand from new remaining time. Electric wire rope hoists required around, packaging capacity after shipment, and prevent the heavy pressure. Suspension organization, hanging the balcony can be assembled shipment, however, to pay attention to prevent the department tectonic deformation.


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