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Tai’an City giant construction machinery co., LTD., to provide you with: hanging basket is the most common problems and solutions

Electric basket the utilization rate of increase year by year, the user in the purchasing basket basket, is certainly the most care about security issues, besides the price of the hanging basket, hanging basket is appear problem, should be how to deal with. Due to order, the hanging basket are generally, the delivery of the past, there is a problem when best know simple judgment problem source, convenient processing. Generally small problem, the processing line (generally buy hanging basket will match more vulnerable parts, convenient in addition to the question directly replace), big problems in a timely manner and contact, to exchange.

Well-known electric basket as the work high above the building, its security is a must to ensure that electric basket often fail, however, the following summarizes the four for you, regular maintenance and inspection, to avoid the occurrence of major accidents.

1. Electric equipment a fatal weakness is safety lock rope, wire rope fracture, suspension platform burst, suspended structure fracture, capsized.

2. A serious fault, motor burn down and the drive shaft gear is damaged, broken cabinets, suspended platform craze, the braking system failure, pulley is broken, and steel wire rope wheel slip, hoist rope.

3. The bearing is easy damaged, permanent deformation of suspension platform, excessive wear or broken wire rope.

4. Minor fault, wire rope performance is poor, damage of rubber sealing strip, electric contact undesirable, main electric components of failure.

1. We need to check the insulation to see if he is not in accordance with relevant provisions.

2. When I was in a load test, this is actually in the various components to see if all the normal and safe.

3. The static load test, he can be layered, in accordance with generally with the load percentage system detection, but also the corresponding elevator, such as electric equipment safety lock and security testing, because, if there is abnormal situation, we must immediately shut down maintenance.

4. If you say after test pass, we will begin to overload, electric equipment overload is refers to the capital sum, if overload source load capacity is 1.1 or 1.25. If in the process to detect security situation, so we should immediately stop the test, find a reason to repair.

5. There was a shock test, he has two aspects, one is the impact test, we must do a safety lock free fall detection. If the former, when the load in the basket, and then fell rapidly, it is a safe self-locking. The latter is used to test the safety of the self-locking device, electric equipment, the tensile strength and the rope driving his position without any damage.

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