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Electric basket cleaning high glass note have?

Electric basket cleaning high glass considerations are:

1, first check the job site, operation scheme is determined. Key to see the roof condition, to determine whether installation hanging basket, hanging board, hanging basket, hanging plate on the roof mobile accessibility; The neon lights without hamper operations, plate, etc.

2, install the vehicle, such as building installed window machine, according to the specification before making operation test.

3, ready to wipe the tools, cleaning agents.

4, homework personnel to carry tools hanging basket or hanger, some tools should be tied to a basket or on a hanger, in case you accidentally drop, hurt people. Set safety ropes on the ground, or safety warning card.

5, homework way from top to bottom. Each finished polishing line, organizing tool, add detergent, lateral movement hanger or hanging basket, and then continue to the next line.

Methods: 6, wipe the glass

1) check the glass with and without adhesive content such as stains, if any, with corresponding auxiliary tools such as scraper and solvent to remove first.

2) immersed with water in barrels, after being fully suction cleaner with the hand gently stroke it (with no drop down advisable), evenly coated on the glass.

3) daub, generally to roll by, lateral movement, rolling pressure trace to cross, on a visit to prevent leakage.

4) on the glass with the stencil cleaner scrape, operation should be a little hard, when will the stencil uniform pressure on the glass, by blow down slowly on the move, each finished a line, will the stencil with a wet towel to wipe clean shave again the next line.

5) to confirm that one should work within the scope of the metope has finished cleaning, sliding basket or hanger to continue down the homework.

6) after completion of all assignments, tidy up the equipment and tools, out of the ground protection ropes or warning signs, the ground water rub-up.

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